my name is Kevin, i was born in 1992 in Vienna/Austria.

I work as a journalist and photographer since 2012. Over the years I found the love for many different genres. I can't decide which I love the most so I work in all of them more or less equaly.

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The hungry bear...

I started with photography back in 2012 not because I really wanted to but because I needed it for my work as a sportsjournalist. I worked at small local newspaper and needed to do my own pictures of football, handball and other sports. So they gave me a Canon 1200D and a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 and told me to shoot.

What started as a need became a love over the years. I started to photograph other things. Mainly landscape and people. But I found my love for animal and wildlife photography after a short time. In the last couple of years astrophotography caught my attention and didn't let me go.

So what am I?


I am a photographer. Not a portrait or landscape or wildlife or astro photographer. Just a photographer. With a sense and eye for good views. 

And I am a little bit of a revoluzzer. Maybe it is because of my job. So I also started my blog to achieve some kind of education. Photographing animals in Zoos or Wildlifeparks is not the best thing. So with my pictures I want to educate a little bit so that YOU think about more how we humans treat our beloved animals.

Gear I use:

Sony a7rIII, Sony & Tamron lenses, Rollei Tripods, Haida Filters, f-stop gear & Peak Design Bags, Move Shoot Move Star Tracker, Apple iPhone & iPad, Adobe CC.